Prof. Abdel- Malik M.Abdel-Rahman

He taught at the University of Khartoum and King Saud University. His has several distinctive contributions in the field of theoretical physics published in peer reviewed scientific journals. He served as Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Khartoum and was then appointed as Vice Chancellor of University of Khartoum. He is now teaching at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Khartoum

Faisal Tag Eldin Abu Shama

Professor of Zoology

Prof. Yusuf Babiker AbuGederi

Born on 1936, he had published research in the field of environment and aquaculture and fisheries and their applications in international periodicals and magazines (about 75 in search). Took over many responsibilities inside and outside the University of Khartoum, was a member of several committees, institutions and programs and has conducted pioneering research inside and outside the Sudan and a number of scientific papers in numerous conferences, seminars and meetings.

Prof. Mahjoub Obeid Taha

Born in 1937, developed the first relativistic generalization, developed the Taha's method for general polynomial 0-1, developed the Taha sum rule, discovered a new sum rule for the reaction between protons and electrons

Prof. Cloudsley Thompson

Born on 23 May 1921, Professor John Cloudsley-Thompson was a desert naturalist who toured the Sahara after an eventful war. After the war, Cloudsley-Thompson returned to Cambridge to complete his studies, gained his MA and PhD. He then became a lecturer in zoology at King's College London. In 1960 became professor of Zoology at the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, University of Khartoum, and keeper of the Sudan Natural History Museum